Selecting the right tutor for yourself can be a bit of minefield, because there are so many tutors out there. Choosing a right tutor that is adaptable, flexible, humble, and the one that implements practical methodologies can be of great benefit. During your interview in hiring your tutor, you should always ask about their, teaching techniques, methodology and qualification as well. Always ask them to deliver one of their best lessons, if that lesson satisfies you then you should go for that tutor. Here are some quality checks that you can do while looking for a perfect tutor:

How Responsive Is the Tutor?

When you first reach out to the tutor, note how long is the tutor taking to reply you back. It is important to know how responsive the tutor is because if you have an emergency and you want to cancel your lesson for the day or you want to reschedule it, the tutor should response in time. Definitely a responsive teacher will answer back your questions more quickly. A professional tutor replies within a few hours and never takes a whole day to reply.

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Expertise in Grammar Skills

Grip on grammar is the most basic thing to look for in an English tutor. If someone has weak grammar and their basis of grammar are not strong then they can neither speak English nor teach it. Having a strong grammatical base is the foremost requirement.

Improving Study Skills

Teaching vocabulary and grammar are important also but for an English teacher to stay up to the mark, they should also instruct their students in how to learn. An English tutor should always give their students necessary skills to become independent learners, by giving them several exercises and to practice it in their daily routine independently.  Tutor should focus on different skills like (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and on grammar and vocabulary as well.

Listening skills

An efficient teacher is always a good listener, by listening the problems of the student, he can solve them. If a teacher is not an effective listener, then how will he resolve his student’s problems and concerns. Unresolved problems and queries can lead to lots of misunderstandings and can cause a sudden downfall in the student’s confidence and can discourage students a lot. Once a teacher discourages a student, it is very difficult for that student to regain that confidence back.

Vocabulary Skills

The vocabulary skills of a professional English tutor are out of ordinary. With this type of tutor, you get to learn a new thing every day and a new word every day. You get to learn a new word daily and your knowledge of words increases.

Getting Feedbacks

One of the most appreciative behaviors that have been seen in successful tutors is that they do an exchange of feedback with their students. If a teacher takes his feedback from the student on time, then he can know whether his teaching techniques are effective or not. And feedback from the teacher for the student is important as well, through this the student will know how much improvement is required in his learning behavior.


An exceptional English tutor has it all, he is like an allrounder. He has stupendous pronunciation, impressive vocabulary, a good grip on grammar as well as a positive and humble attitude. He always has creative skills and ideas for planning interesting lessons. These are some of the qualities that you should always look for in a Good English tutor if you want to learn English language perfectly and smoothly.

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