Basic Quran Reading

Quran Reading puts you in a world of relaxation and serenity. Muslims acquire mental clarity and comfort by reading Al Quran. That is why Online Quran Academy for kids introduced the Basic Quran Reading course. We provide a plethora of facilities to our students who want to read and comprehend the Quran. Moreover, we have gathered a group of renowned Muslim scholars who are well-versed in the Holy Quran. You can effortlessly interact with them online, from the comfort of your own home, through our Basic Quran Reading course.

Basic Quran Reading Course for Beginners

This Quran Reading Course is exceptionally designed for beginners who want to learn the Quran from the convenience of their own homes. The Basic Quran Reading course offers academy offers experienced professors who will teach you the fundamentals of Arabic. To begin, you will be introduced to the letters. You will then move to interpretation Arabic lines. The ultimate goal will be to start the Quran recital using proper phonetic strategies (Tajweed). Basic Islamic ideas will be explained to you along the route.

Your online Quran instructor will communicate with you frequently. They will give you the finest advice possible based on your needs. The instructor will allow you to grow at a pace that is appropriate for your cognitive functioning. Furthermore, the instructor will make certain that you know all of the fundamental principles that will aid you in Quran reading.

Qualified Instructors with vast experience

All of our instructors have been examined and hand-picked before being given the obligation to train, as we do our hardest to organize the finest Quran teachers to conduct online Quran reading classes for students. Our lecturers are exceptionally competent and devoted, and the majority of them have received accreditation from the most prestigious Islamic universities.

Quran Reading courses at the Best price

Online Quran Academy for Kids’ objective is to provide the finest instructors and superior Online Quran teaching services at reasonable prices. In contrast, to institutes that demand exorbitant fees for their programs. Our Quran Reading Courses are a far better choice, both within terms of education and cost.

Why you should enroll in Basic Quran Reading Course?

The Holy Quran is a beautiful and amazing book that provides us with a comprehensive and satisfying life code. The Quran contains knowledge on every aspect of life. Learning the Quran is necessary for every individual, and it is the finest education that every Muslim should have. Reading Al Quran provides one with peace of mind and shields from dark thinking, tension, and despair.

That is why you should enroll in an introductory Quran reading course right away. A Basic Quran Reading course is an ideal option for people who have no prior knowledge of Arabic. Our highly qualified teachers won’t only enlighten you with all the desired information but reading the Quran itself will provide you with fundamental life principles. 

When a beginner starts to read Quran, they become puzzled by the multitude of options on the plate. Some suggest they start from Noorani Qaida, while others recommend Tajweed as an excellent approach to initiate reading the Quran. Though they all are good alternatives yet, we provide a curriculum that has been thoroughly designed to aid newcomers.

Systematic Program to Help You Reach Your Goal

If you want to teach the Holy Quran effectively and make your students the Master of It, the preferred technique is to create a systematic program and commit to it. 

Online Quran Academy for kids has introduced skilled teachers with the systematic program. The students will be tutored according to their levels. And individuals taking basic Quran reading courses will be familiarized with all of the basic Quran principles. The teachers will make sure to guide every student through thick and thin.

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Benefits of Taking Basic Quran Reading Course

Reading Al Quran is the most beneficial and productive way to earn good deeds. We introduced this course because we consider it is necessary for every Muslim globally to recite and understand Quran. Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in the Quran Reading Course. 

  • Smooth Transition — The present and prior lectures remain interrelated, and learners are seamlessly led towards the new lesson plans in reference to the one mentioned earlier.
  • Lively Quran classes — Unlike traditional lectures, ours are more geared towards playful activities. It allows students to debate issues and generate innovative ideas openly.
  • Step by Step classes the classes are conducted while keeping in mind the level student is on. We make sure to instruct beginners with a step-by-step guide, starting with fundamental letter recitation and progressing to the development of reading Al Quran with ease.