In e-learning, learners basically instead of attending a university traditionally they switch to e-learning. This type of learning is based on getting a professional degree/diploma or any kind of informative lesson on electronic media. Especially during these covid times, e-learning proved to be of great help, it helped students to utilize their time in lockdowns. In online studies we can get different lectures online, we can watch them anywhere anytime, we can pause it and start rewatching anytime. There are lots of plus points in e-learning that are motivating this generation to switch on it.

 Saves Money

E-Learning has an edge because it saves both time and money, the learning options available online are pocket-friendly. A lot of people are not well off enough to afford expensive universities and options available online for them are the best. Most of the organizations online help these aspirants to achieve their goals by providing them a platform where they can study the same thing with less cost and succor them by saving their money. That is why most people chose e-learning.


This one quality of e-learning makes it even better. There are various types of e-learning options including “Video Lessons” that you can download and watch anytime and you can even pause them if you get yourself busy any time in between the lesson. The biggest advantage of the video lessons is that they are mostly free of cost. “App-based learning” is also another form of e-learning in which you can subscribe to the options available and learn from them. “Articles” are available online everywhere that you can read free of cost. There is another great method of e-learning which is “lesson-a-day”. In this, you can hire an instructor/tutor online who can give you online lessons on your required topic. The tutor will teach you the desired topic by arranging a video call.


Time is the most valuable resource in our life and we should utilize every bit of it. There are many people who have to work multiple jobs to pay off their educational expenses and for that, they are in need of flexible schedules that can help save them time. Studying online can offer you to set your own schedules and study according to your time. Because of this quality learners tends to shift to online studying.

Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 made the life of everyone like a bottomless pit. Social distancing being a basic need to survive, students couldn’t go and study on campus, and shifting all the work online was the only option. E-learning proved to be a lifesaver for students because it helped them save time. Also, in lockdowns when people didn’t have much to do, they thought that they should utilize this time and learn something new. Since then, a lot of people are considering e-learning as it is cost-friendly and saves time as well.

Multitasking/Learning a New Hobby

There are a lot of students who do attend different universities and institutes but they crave to learn something new. For instance, a student develops a new interest and he wants to learn it; for example, painting, guitar playing, sculpting and it could be anything. Today, when technology has taken over everything, nothing is impossible. You can find lectures and courses on almost everything online


At the end of the day, e-learning has its benefits and we cannot deny them. With all of its benefits, most of the learners are shifting their studies online and availing themselves this golden chance as it provides buget-friendly education, saves your time, and gives flexible schedules with tons of different options.

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Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst and Search Engine Expert. Extensive experience being a lead writer in Urdu Languages Tutor. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.